This story is over 5 years old.


Andy Murray Nearly Kicks Errant Ball Straight Into Chair Umpire's Noggin

Maybe Andy Murray was watching too much Neymar last night.

During the Cincinnati Masters in Ohio, Andy Murray nearly decapitated smacked the chair umpire with some impressive footie skills, after he decided to kick a ball headed his way. Needless to say, the umpire was none too pleased.

Technically, Murray could have been penalized by his slick volley (not the tennis kind), as the ATP rulebook states: "Players shall not violently, dangerously or with anger hit, kick or throw a tennis ball while on the grounds of the tournament site except in the reasonable pursuit of a point during a match."

Lucky for Murray, the ump was down to clown with a cheeky glance, and decided to let the boys play. Murray went on to beat Canada's Milos Raonic 6-3, 6-3 and is heading to the finals. Maybe Murray was watching too much Neymar last night. And maybe that's his good luck charm.