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Fenway Park Crowd Chants "We Want A-Rod," Earth Somehow Continues to Spin on Its Axis

You can't predict baseball, Suzyn.

In the ninth inning at Fenway Park last night, something happened that defies explanation. In a real life Suddenly-Moscow-is-pro-Rocky twist, Boston Red Sox fans began chanting "We want A-Rod" during Chase Headley's at bat. A-Rod likely won't play this series—because lying liar Joe Girardi "has to do what's best" for this lurching hearse of a baseball team over the next three mid-August games—so Boston fans apparently tried to plead the case.

No one really knew what to expect from Red Sox fans greeting A-Rod for the last time in his career; personally, I was cautiously optimistic that there would be some kind of round of applause with a few boos sprinkled in. A passive acknowledgment that you were seeing a great player for the last time was about all you could ask for from Boston.

That is not intended as a slight—there are plenty of other worthy slights to be made against the jackals up there. This is fucking A-Rod. The guy who slapped the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove in the ALCS. The guy who got a face full of Jason Varitek's glove. (The guy who actually wanted to play for Boston at a discount, but the players union wasn't having it.) The best player on the most hated rival and a PED cheat.

All this is to say, it didn't seem likely A-Rod was going to get anything more than a lukewarm reception, which given the circumstances was understandable. So when Red Sox fans openly chanted that they wanted to see him bat—presumably not to throw rotting produce at him—it was one of stranger things you'll hear.