Have a Chat With Dying Gods in ‘Forgotten’

Mythology is more fun when it leaves tiny gaps for the imagination to fill.
January 11, 2017, 6:00pm

Forgotten, by Arielle Grimes and Sophia Park, is an intriguing, mysterious piece of fictional digital archeology. Set inside an old, corrupted video game called Forgotten Blade, it offers you the chance to talk with a number of mythical beasts that know their time is up. Death—the corrupted code—is coming for them all.

Forgotten is just abstract enough that it hints at its story more than outright tells you what is going on, but there's a sadness and even profundity to the writing. It's sad in the same way that so many of the beasts and monsters in the Dark Souls games are sad—they are relics of a forgotten world, left to decay in a darkening space.

Header and all Forgotten screens courtesy of Sophia Park and Arielle Grimes

It feels like reading the mythology of a culture you're unfamiliar with—there is a time and place being explored here, but it's far enough removed from everyday experience to render it opaque. And like all good mythology, it pulls you right into its world, its stumbling attempts to explain the inexplicable universe we all find ourselves in.

You can play Forgotten for free on itch.io, and support the game on the same page.