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Listen to Episode 10 of the Waypoint UK Podcast: Discussing ‘Prey’ and Other Alien Horrors

Arkane’s new sci-fi game comes under the spotlight—plus, of all the Alien films to watch first, ‘Prometheus’?
'Prey' artwork courtesy of Bethesda/Arkane.

Our guests on this fortnight's Waypoint UK Podcast are games writers, critics, presenters, all-round games media renaissance types Kate Gray and Andi Hamilton. Both of whom do plenty of other things beyond send us the occasional article. But right now, we've got them locked in a room at VICE's London HQ, microphones turned on and tea going tepid. There are biscuits, at least.

Prey, newly suited and rebooted by Dishonored developers Arkane, is almost out—and we've been playing it. Well, as much of it as we can. Pretty good, basically. But is it any more than simply BioShock in space? Which, bizarrely, is actually the UK marketing angle. Yes, and no. Listen, and learn.


We also get into our favorite Alien series games, what with Alien: Covenant being right around the multiplex corner. Imagine if your only experience of the Alien movies was Prometheus. Painful, huh—but a pain that Kate lives with day in, day out. (Kate, seriously, watch more films.)

There's a little time for reader questions, and a wider conversation about our horror gaming memories, and those games that aren't explicitly scary, but freak(ed) us out nonetheless. Like Mario 64. Obviously.

Listen to and/or download the podcast below.

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