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Someone Used Nintendo Famicom Cartridges to Smuggle 73 Spiders

The worst kind of buggy games.

You're going to get some bugs in your video games from time to time—that much is a given. Fortunately, they usually tend to be things like wonky save mechanics and enemies stuck in the environment rather than, say, vials of live spiders crammed into cartridges for the 1983 Nintendo Famicom console.

Yet as Kotaku reports, that's exactly what Mexico's Federal Police found yesterday at the airport in Guadalajara, Jalisco when they inspected a package bound for Hanover, Maryland. From the outside, the contents looked like 10 normal classic cartridges for games like Robocop 2 and Jurassic Park, but inside the cartridge's hollow points were 73 spiders stuffed into their own vials.

There's no word on what kind of spiders they are. But c'mon, spider smuggler. You could have at least made one of those games a dungeon crawler for laughs.