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Watch Someone Play with Electricity and Water in Super Slow Motion

Don't try this at home, kids.

Electricity is cool as heck as is, but Chicago-based YouTubers Warped Perception recently showed the world how beautiful it is when you take a 15,000-volt transformer and use a Phantom Flex4k high-speed camera to capture footage of electrical arcs. (And, just in case you weren't paying attention in science class, you definitely shouldn't try this at home.)

The video isn't so great on details as to how all this works and the actual framerates involved, but it's certainly fascinating for seeing how electricity acts when it's slowed down to ultra-slow speeds. First we're shown footage of an electric arc on its own, and then we're shown how one acts when you dip it in both freshwater and saltwater. Just for fun, the team also shows what it looks like when you ignite a Thunder Snap fuseless firecracker with the arc's two ends.

As several of the commenters point out, the camera slows down the action so much that it's possible to tell that Warped Perception is working with an alternating current around six minutes into the video.