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[Premiere] A Haunting Music Video Visualizes the Trauma of Loss

Amani’s candid and haunting new music video “Feathers Falling” visualizes an abstracted version of the musician’s body made by visual artist Redhoot.
April 12, 2017, 2:57pm
Images courtesy of Amani/Redhoot

Haunting soundscapes inform the music of South London singer/songwriter and producer Amani's new single "Feathers Falling." Taken from her Perpendicular EP the track's emotive snares and downbeat industrial sounds reflect the sadness and shock brought on by the death of her sister from suicide.

As well as the audio and lyrics being a raw ode to the sister's passing and the feelings that surfaced, the visuals too embody this. Quite literally because they feature an abstracted version of Amani, a digitized her crumbling, atomizing, and exploding. "The song itself is very clean sounding," notes the singer. "I wanted to create a visual that embodies the message in my song, of being on a dark vulnerable frequency."


While Amani filmed and edited the footage, the visuals were created by audio and visual artist Redhoot (Oboe Monger). An award-winning VFX artist, he works with real-time, generative and organic simulations creating "visceral exploration[s] of virtual flesh."

"The visuals are based around the idea of granular concepts, everything from the very obvious human relationship aspect to the look and tools used to create it; and the original song," Redhoot tells Creators. "I'd like to leave the audience to do their own interpretation but it does have a significant meaning to me. It's a dark visual, intentionally left a bit open for others to experience and relate and fits well visually with the message of the song, which too can leave others to openly relate in their own way."

Listen to more of Amani's music at her Soundcloud. See more of Redhoot's artwork and experiments at his Instagram page.


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