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The 10 Best Sets from ADE 2014

As the Amsterdam Dance Event draws to a close, let's take a listen to some of the standout sets.

As all the madness in Amsterdam draws to a close, let's take a look back at some of the standout sets to make it onto the internet from this year's ADE. We've got everything from deeper house, techno, and garage from Huxley, H.O.S.H, Max Cooper and Josh Wink to the fist-pumping mainstage situations from the likes of Dutch heroes Armin van Buuren and Hardwell.

Check 'em out:

Josh Wink @ Macloud Session with Ovum Recordings (10/15/2014)


Huxley in The Lab (10/16/2014)


@ Gashouder (10/17/2014)

Gui Boratto at DGTL

Max Cooper at Amsterdam Roest (10/17/2014)

H.O.S.H at the DIYnamic Showcase (10/16/2014)

Props to DJ Mag's #1 DJ of the Year



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Coyu in The Lab (10/16/2014)

Soul Clap

@ Soul Clap showcase (10/17/2014)

Renato Ratier

at Deep House ADE

…And you can't have this sort of list without Armin van Buuren (10/19/2014)