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We Bounced With The Glitch Mob From Toronto to NYC

Our photo diary of their North American tour may include animal mask romance.

I had been waiting for the opportunity to photograph The Glitch Mob for a while now and I finally got the chance just last week. I got lucky and shot their show in Toronto and New York. On top of that, I got to hang out with them to make to this photo diary!

I met up with the guys at The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto after their sound check.

I had never met them in person before but they were super cool from the get-go!


We decided to go for a walk around the club and explore the area. Nobody rocks the all black look like these guys.

edIT, Ooah and Boreta. But you probably already knew that.

Bus stop. Out of all of the tour buses I've seen, this one was spotless!

Dinner time! The guys tell me they're all about trying great places in every city. They even have a food blog called The Glitch Nom!

Japanese tapas from Kobo Nobu!

edIT takes his bike on tour and hits local trails. He's showing Ooah an epic fall from that morning… Drive it like you stole it!

We're back at the green room and Ooah made me a very mean tequila with orange juice… highly recommended.

They can make the world stop.

Pre-show routine. So honoured to have been there during that moment.


Ooah and The Blade

Mind of a beast #ipads

T.O. Family Pic!

Straight from Asia! These fans couldn't even speak English but they were the most excited. It's always so refreshing to see that.

Cut to a few days later in New York for two Day Of The Dead shows!

From the very top of the Hammerstein Ballroom in Manhattan… What an unforgettable show.

Love Death Immortality

Boreta's mask game couldn't be tighter.

Afterparty in Brooklyn. Everybody's wearing costumes and they're burning sage.

DJ set with Ooah and Boreta is going down! It's always great to get to hear a more intimate set right after a massive performance.


The Glitch Mob was here.



Till next time guys! I'll follow you to immortality!

Photography by: THESUPERMANIAK 

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