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Adam Beyer's "You're the Same" is a Victory for Vocoders Worldwide

The Swedish tech-champ ends the year on a high note
November 28, 2014, 10:58pm

You know what's good for working off post-Thanksgiving sluggishness? Techno. Lots and lots of techno. Lucky for you, we've got one of the best in the game dropping a new track today, so put on some black, turn the lights off, and let the mechanical musings of Adam Beyer work that tryptophan out of your pores.

Beyer's new track "You're the Same" is six-and-a-half minutes of moody tones set to a slightly laid-back aesthetic. "I wanted to create a deep heavy 'after hour-ish' kind of tune but still with the Beyer weight to it," says Beyer. "Something I would play in the beginning of a night or when playing more deep…It's got a big fat vocoder in it which absolutely love; there should be more vocoders in dance music!" Amen to that.


Beyer goes on, "It kind of reminds me a bit of the old Maetrik stuff, the quality minimal that was popular 7-8 years ago, but with a fresh take. All 3 tracks on this EP are quite different from each other with completely different sounds and techniques."

That deepness is a calling card of Beyer's imprint Truesoul, the yang to his already world-beating Drumcode yin. In Beyer's words: "Drumcode is usually tougher and pure techno DJ material. Truesoul has a much wider musical spectrum. We've done ambient albums, electronica as well as minimal and tech house and clubbier material generally."

It's been a big year for Beyer - From taking on ten consecutive dates in Ibiza to Beyer's upcoming 5,000 person capacity show in London, the veteran's been on a tear of winners. "The Cocoon terrace gig [in Ibiza] was one of my favorites this year," he says. "Purely because, like most people, I love that room and I've always done the main room in the past which is great too, but the terrace is something different and a real Ibiza experience."

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