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Daisyhead’s New Video For “Don't Feel Bad” is an Ode to Low Self-Esteem

Ever felt as if you were genuinely impossible to be with?

Unless you are an extremely well-rounded human being with frankly no emotional problems whatsoever and the pure embodiment of perfect health, you will probably have held yourself back from something at some point in your life. Maybe it was a job you didn't think you were qualified enough for. Maybe it was an outfit you didn't think you were fit enough to pull off. Or maybe it was a relationship that you avoided because you thought you were genuinely too impossible to be with.


This new video for "Don't Feel Bad" from Daisyhead, a four-piece rock band from Nashville, is about the latter. "Rest assured I will let you down, and don't you dare feel bad, I wouldn't stick around for me," screams the singer over a thick wall of guitar, in a frustrating but very recognisable example of what happens when you let your low self-esteem win.

Watch below and feel emo.

The band's second studio album, In Case You Missed It, is due out on 28 April 2017 and will be available to pre-order from No Sleep Records here. They've been through a band lineup change and a near breakup, so it's enough of a celebration that they made it this far to pour that emotion into their new tracks.

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