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This 'Smart Condom' Will Track Your Sex Stats if That's Something You Want

The new wearable can apparently keep track of the speed of thrusts, number of positions used, and even calories burned, because that's what we all need, right?
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A British company called i.Con is on track to release what it calls the world's first "smart condom" this year, since we all need a sex wearable that syncs with our phones and tracks how well we fuck, right?

While it's marketed as a smart condom, the name is a bit of a misnomer. It is actually a small ring that fits on the penis around the base of a regular condom. The ring is made of waterproof carbon fiber and can be adjusted to ensure a snug fit. On the company's pre-order page, i.Con assures buyers that they can pair it with any condom they wish, though they don't mention whether it can be worn without one, which a lot of people will presumably try.

Once the device is on and you've begun what i.Con refers to as "your session," it'll use its nano chip and sensors to keep track of the speed and number of thrusts, skin temperature, session duration, number of positions used, and even calories burned. If all goes well in your session, you can—yes—share your stats with your friends or the world, by importing them to your computer with a USB plugin. You can also compare your stats anonymously with other users, if you so desire.

Though there are plenty of high-tech sex toys already on the market, the i.Con Smart Condom will be the first to track and record your personal data, which the company promises to keep confidential on its end. Who knows, though, maybe sex stats will become the Tinder bios of the future.

The Smart Condom is currently available exclusively in the UK, though the company says with enough demand, it'll move to selling it worldwide.