Pimp Your Wings with Adobo Sauce


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Pimp Your Wings with Adobo Sauce

When our Canadian hero Matty Matheson was in Winnipeg, he got a crash course in Filipino cooking from Pimp My Rice food truck owner Roddy Seradilla and his dad, “Hot” Rod. Here is one of the standouts.

Meat marinated in sweet, vinegary adobo sauce makes us all wish we had a Filipino grandma. Our Canadian hero Matty Matheson is no exception, and, when he was in Winnipeg filming Dead Set On Life, he got the next best thing—a crash course in Filipino cooking from the guys behind Canada's favorite pimped-out food truck.

Pimp My Rice owner Roddy Seradilla and his buddy "Hot Rod" Cantiveros taught Matty (and us) how to make these crispy adobo chicken wings. They're a delicious North American twist on an undisputed Filipino classic, and they should be a staple in your kitchen.

RECIPE: Crispy Adobo Chicken Wings

By using this adobo recipe to glaze the crispy-fried wings, the final product is guaranteed to be way more complex and intense than your run-of-the-mill Buffalo-and-butter bar wings. Throw some cilantro and chicharrónes on there and you'll be instantly transported to Manila.

Or Winnipeg. Whichever you prefer.

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