How Microsoldering Expert Jessa Jones Repairs Unfixable iPhones

With a background in molecular genetics, the head of iPad Rehab leads a team of mostly women who fix severely damaged iPhones and iPads, even without manufacturer support.
February 24, 2017, 8:47pm
Humans of the Year: Jessa Jones

Using her background in molecular genetics, Jessa Jones has pioneered a new form of board-level iPhone repair. She's teaching the world to fix devices that no one, not even Apple, thought it was possible to fix.

Jones is the head of iPad Rehab, a small, independent repair shop that fixes broken devices sent in from around the country. By helping people hold onto their phones and tablets for longer, Jones and her colleagues are helping to curb the growth of e-waste, a global problem with no end in sight. Watch her at work in Motherboard's latest episode of Upgrade below.

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