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An Anti-Hillary Clinton Group Wants to Sponsor a Car at the Indy 500

They're unlikely to reach a deal for a car, an engine, or even a driver.

Having suffered defeat to Bernie Sanders in Tuesday's New Hampshire Democratic primary, Hillary Clinton is now facing a further potential roadblock on her route to the White House – and it's a really, really weird one.

Like us, you probably assumed the Indianapolis 500 would play no role in November's presidential election. In fact, you had probably not put these two very different events together. Why would you?


But we live in strange times, and the May 29 contest could take on surprising political significance if a group of anti-Hillary racing enthusiasts get their way.

The 'No Hillary in 2016' initiative is looking to crowdsource funds to back an entry in this year's Indy 500, the annual centrepiece of the IndyCar Series and one of the most significant motorsport events on the planet. 2016 will see the race's 100th running, making it an especially significant year for all things Indy.

And apparently this makes it the perfect platform from which to decry Hillary Clinton's bid to become president. The website to support the campaign is an angry place:

"Hillary Clinton stands for everything that is wrong with our country today: constant attacks on our Second Amendment right, the degradation of our Religious Freedoms, a joke of a 'Health Care' system, a complete failure of a foreign policy, and so much more."

And how do they plan to stop this madness? By putting their support behind a candidate who they feel better matches their beliefs and hopes for America? By making a positive contribution? No. They want an anti-Hillary car at the Indy 500.

"This Memorial Day, we want to make a bold statement to the world that The American People have had enough of these failures! We are collecting contributions to enter a car in the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500, the largest sporting event on the planet, to make your voice heard. "WE DON'T WANT HILLARY!" If you care about Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, and The American Dream, don't wait a second longer and join us today."


The group appears to have no partisan political affiliation – there is no mention of the terms 'Republican' or 'Democrat' – but the Ronald Reagan quotes included at the bottom of the page suggest a taste for the former. There is also a quote from Albert Einstein, because obviously he was a genius and his opinions support all arguments.

The group will require some bright ideas of their own to hit their million dollar target. Thus far, $710 has been raised, and they have 50 days left in which to reach their total.

The motor racing journalist Marshall Pruett reports that a team has been selected to receive the funds and run the Indy 500 programme. However, he also correctly points out that a group with such an overt political message would struggle to reach a chassis and engine deal with suppliers Honda or Chevrolet. The same might also be true of a driver.

In the unlikely event a manufacturer was happy to align themselves with the group, there could be a further snag even if the car got all the way to Indianapolis. Only 33 entries can start the race, and with 2016 representing the 100th running at least 36 can be expected to attempt to qualify. That means the 'No Hilary in 2016' car could show up, but fail to make the final race.

Then again, if last night is any indicator, something similar could be said of Hillary.