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Michael Phelps Gives Shoutout to Toronto Dude Who Got #PhelpsFace Tattooed on His Leg

Phelps responded a few days after Ricky Fung got ink of the viral moment on his calf.

A Toronto man honoured his sports hero Michael Phelps with a legendary tattoo, and the American swimmer is loving it.

After Michael Phelps' insanely intense and hilarious #PhelpsFace went viral ahead of the 200-metre butterfly semifinal against his rival Chad Le Clos, Ricky Fung—the owner of Chronic Ink, a tattoo shop in Toronto—got some ink of the now famous moment on his leg.

Fung told CP24 he got the tattoo for himself, and although most people see it as a joke, he saw the face as a symbol of focus and greatness.

"It was obviously in the waiting room preparing for his meet and there was this guy shadow-boxing and doing all kinds of antics. You could just see it kind of bubbling inside of him, channeling. And I guess that kind of emotion, that kind of process really got to me and kind of inspired me," Fung said. "I still don't see what everyone else sees, which is kind of the meme and the hilarity of it. For me it was just a man who was focused to do one thing, which is what he's done all his life."

It didn't take long for Phelps to return the favour, taking to social media to praise Fung for the original tattoo.

It takes a legendary man to get a Michael Phelps meme-inspired tattoo on his leg, but in Toronto the honour of best sports tattoo still belongs to the legend who got a Jose Bautista bat flip tattoo on his upper thigh.