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Robin Lopez Enlists Emotional Support of WonderPup Muppet for End of Season Interview

All interviews should be conducted with dogs.

Robin Lopez discusses the season and his exit interview
— Sean Highkin (@highkin) April 29, 2017

Robin Lopez and the East's No. 8 Chicago Bulls bowed out to the No. 1 Boston Celtics last night, and it wasn't the easiest thing for the Bulls to deal with, emotionally-speaking. After winning the series' first two games, the Bulls seemed poised for a huge upset. But Boston found their traction and came back to haunt the Bulls, 4-2. So, understandably, Lopez was a little sad about things for his exit interview, and decided to bring his beautifully-coiffed wonderpup Muppet along with him for emotional support.


Lopez is still under contract with the Bulls until 2019, so he probably won't be shipping out any time soon. As he says in the interview, he's happy in Chicago and wants to stick around. (It's hard to part with a team that doesn't bench you forever after shooting something like this.) He also probably just wants to make sure that Muppet grows up in a healthy, stable environment with good public schools nearby.

Just look at this pup:

Muppet's exit interview
— Sean Highkin (@highkin) April 29, 2017

We hereby decree that all interviews should be conducted with good boys.

[Huge thanks to friend of VICE Sports Sean Highkin for use of video and images]