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Stream Hudson Mohawke's New Soundtrack for the Video Game 'Watch Dogs 2'

The 'Watch Dogs 2' video game comes out November 15.
Photo courtesy of the label.

Hudson Mohawke's new soundtrack for the PS4 and Xbox One game Watch Dogs 2 is now available. Titled DedSec, the soundtrack is Mohawke's first video game-related release. A follow-up to 2015's shimmery Lantern, DedSec is also HudMo's third album.

The Watch Dogs 2 video game takes place in San Francisco and follows hacker and main character Marcus Holloway as he works with the Ded Sec collective to dismantle an operating system controlling the city's infrastructure.

Despite the source material, DedSec sounds like a Hudson Mohawke release that returns to his original form. Think biting synths and an abundance of bass drops.

Stream DedSec below. Watch Dogs 2 drops November 15.