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Elliot Moss is America's Answer to Chet Faker

The NYC polymath's meditative video for "Slip" elevates him to fine company.

Precocious New York polymath Elliot Moss has far too much of the blues for a kid with such a positive buzz around him. His debut album HIGHSPEEDS caught ears in both the indie and electronic worlds last year, furthered by dance crew members Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester taking his tune "Slip" viral with a video of them performing a dance routine in a subway station.

Now it's Moss' turn to provide a visual narrative to "Slip." Director David Svedosh take a meditative take on a girl's walk from the city to nature, where she promptly dives under the weight of the tune and is washed clean. The moody, soulful track tiptoes between so many sounds––indie, blues, chillwave, jazz––but wrought together electronically with an organic touch. Fans of Jamie xx and Chet Faker take note!

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