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Watch Kode9, DJ Earl, and a Couple of Teklife Dancers Perform an Hour of Feverous Footwork

The session was recorded this past Friday at a Tropical Waste party in London.

It would be ridiculous to claim that footwork music can't stand on its own without accompanying dancers, but that doesn't make it any less of a treat when you get to see the two together, especially considering that footwork evolved as a collaboration between the two parties. This past Friday, September 30, London party Tropical Waste was treated to just this exact breed of wonderful symbiosis when recent THUMP Mix alumnus DJ Earl stepped behind the decks accompanied by fellow Teklife-affiliated dancers Sirr TMO and Dre out on the floor, and to no one's surprise they presented an hour of pure heat.


Luckily, Teklife visual artist Ashes57 was there to capture the whole thing on video, and today they were generous enough to upload the results to YouTube. Hyperdub boss and and longtime footwork devotee Kode9 was even there to introduce their set, but not before spinning a few tracks in the style himself.

If you're in Europe, Earl is currently on the latter half of his fall tour in support of his 2016 LP Open Your Eyes, and the two dancers will perform with him on every stop except one. You can see the tour schedule on his Facebook page.

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