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We Got Future Classic's Hayden James and Touch Sensitive to Grill Each Other

An intimate chat about coffee and cats.
Hayden James

Hayden James and Touch Sensitive are label mates on Future Classic, and they're both featured on the Teen Idols compilation that the essential Sydney label recently released. Here they interview each other about Future Classic, their coffee drinking habits, and hatred of cats.

Touch Sensitive: Who's your favourite Future Classic artist—besides yourself? 
Hayden James: You, Touch. My alarm song is "Pizza Guy". I find the gradual volume increase a soothing way to wake up. Thank you for this gift.


TS: Who's a better DJ, [Future Classic label bosses and DJs] Chad or Nathan?
HJ: There's no right answer here. Feelings will be hurt. OK… Chad is better. Prove me wrong, Nathan! Prove me wrong.

TS: You recently caught the attention of Bob Lefsetz for "Something About You." Must have been a cool feeling seeing yourself in his newsletter! Do you feel pressure to impress him on an ongoing basis now?
HJ: It was very cool! He usually hates everything. At first I felt scared, then cold, then I felt like something to eat. Lots of emotions. The industry reach Bob has is ridiculous, so yeah, the pressure is real!

TS: Talk to me about coffee. What's the most you've had in a day and when can I please get some pods from you?
HJ: Coffee is a brewed beverage prepared from the roasted or baked seeds of several species of an evergreen shrub of the genus Coffea. I went to a coffee tasting once and had six shots of coffee in 20 mins. It completely ruined my day and my insides. Took me a while to drink coffee after that. Grounded pods are on the way Touch!

TS: What's the first thing you do in the morning after you open your eyes?
HJ: Check stocks and see how the market's doing, then realize I've never bought stocks and go back to trying to make music.

TS: Where were you when you heard "Music Sounds Better With You" for the first time?
HJ: I was at home watching RAGE and it came on. That clip was pretty great—dude's living in the clouds. One of my all time favorites!


At this point in the conversation the tables turned and Touch Sensitive found himself under the Hayden James microscope.

Hayden James: Is there some new music in the works? The video of an unreleased tune of yours that I posted online went pretty nuts.
TS: Yeah that's a tune I made as part of a collaboration with Ego for Nissan. There's also an Axel Boman and Awanto 3 remix. The remixes are so good that it made me doubt the original. Maybe we'll just release the remixes and leave the OG out, but that's something I need to discuss with the powers that be.

HJ: What's your make out song?
TS: It's been a long time since I've been on a date, but if I had to choose a tune it would be "Permission To Love" by Hayden James.

HJ: Have you always loved cats and is it true that they wrote the baseline to pizza guy? It's a rumor going around. 
TS: No, I hated cats and was severely allergic to them throughout my childhood. Then Kevin came into my life—he's a chocolate Burmese. I sneezed and my eyes watered for weeks but eventually my body adapted and now he and his younger brother Cosmo are the loves of my life. Well, as far as pets go.

Teen Idols Compilation is out now through Future Classic. 

Hayden James is on tour:
Feb 05, Shebeen, Melbourne        
Feb 06, Shebeen, Melbourne
Feb 08, St Kilda Festival, St Kilda,
Feb 20, Oxford Art Factory, Sydney
Feb 27, OH HELLO, Fortitude Valley
Mar 07, The Bakery, Perth
Mar 13, Pirie & Co. Social Club, Adelaide