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Bud Light Sensation Toronto Brought Out The Wild In Us All

Our video recap proves that the Bud Light Sensation experience is more than just music.
December 17, 2014, 10:55pm

Three weeks ago, every clothing store from Toronto to London was plagued with a shortage of men's white pants. This, all thanks to Bud Light Sensation: Into the Wild.

You've witnessed the party that took over Mexico, heard the sets from decades before us, and reacquainted yourself with the line-up of all star performers?•but nothing compares to the real thing. On November 29 at the Rogers Centre, Torontonians immersed themselves in a sea of white. Together we were doused in confetti that spewed from a LED snake, hypnotized by Eric Prydz's quintessential laser light show, and driven to festival season déjà vu with Baggi Begovic, Afrojack, Bingo Players.

Toronto capped off the Sensation: Into the Wild tour with true Canadian revelry. Watch all the action from that tight-and-white night with our recap video above. And be sure to check out our picturesque photo gallery here.