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Logan Takahashi's "Rekr" Video is Hazy, Creepy, Mini Masterpiece

The Teengirl Fantasy man's back with a new record on Ghostly. Check out an exclusive video right now.

Logan Takahashi is one half of Teengirl Fantasy, the dreamy duo best known for swirling, emotive, poppily-psychedelic electronica classics like "Portofino", and "Cheaters." He's recently released the gorgeous NoGeo, his first LP on esteemed imprint Ghostly International. Coming on like a clubbier Ryuchi Sakamoto record, it's one of our favourites of the year so far. In fact, we like it so much that we decided to bring you an exclusive watch of the video for "Rekr" here on THUMP.


Directed by Theo Anthony, it's a hazy, gauzy meditation on digital intimacy. Logan himself had this to say about the video: "An original conceptual starting point for this track was the notion of viewing technology as something that is inherently connected to the organic and vice versa —like so many other things we like to separate and compartmentalize the two ideas of 'organic' and 'technological' as distinct, but I think they both exist on the same continuous line, going both directions. When Theo came to me with the idea of working with Ms. Drummond I thought that this fit very nicely in with this original idea. Her nails, to me, are kind of this perfect example of something that is both a technological tool and also completely organic. The exaggeration of her tools (nails) and subsequent effects on the very actions that nails normally aid in is a nice parallel to the idea of disruption of communication and ease by the very technological tools that are intended to solve such problems."

The director chimed in with this: "In the choreography and direction of the video we were inspired by the organic integration of the technological device. The scroll, the swipe, the darting eyes—these gestures are modern adaptations of very old emotional responses. However, miscommunication is no longer just a failed attempt at understanding but a conspiracy of patchy hotspots, dwindling batteries, and expended data plans. Take the device away and the body remains, curled and twitching in the exact shape of its absence. With this video we tried to imagine this force embodied, not as something inherently good or bad, but as something that is of ourselves, that feeds on our selves, that is always growing both further outwards and deeper inwards."

Watch the video up above.

Order NoGeo from Ghostly right here.