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Techno Fantasy Collective DUST Share Ecstatic Live Video of "She Woke Up In Water"

The track will be featured on their upcoming album 'Agony Planet' for Mike Simonetti's 2MR label.

At the moment we're quite exited about self-described "techno fantasy collective" DUST, comprised of Bossa Nova Civic Club's John Barclay, audio engineer Michael Sherburn, and multi-disciplinary artist Greem Jellyfish. Two weeks ago, we announced their debut LP on Mike Simonetti's label 2MR, Agony Planet—inspired by a possible planetary war with "superior technological Demi-Gods"—along with the pretty nasty single "Breeding Pit". Now we get to premiere a totally enthralling live video of them performing "She Woke Up In Water," a track to be featured on their album.


The rendition featured here was recorded at Brooklyn's Good Room on July 3, at a show headlined by techno visionary Juan Atkins. His presence must have been inspiring, because they really let loose in this performance of this ecstatic headbanger. For the occasion of this premiere, each member of the trio was generous enough to give THUMP some backstory for the track via email:

John Barclay: "'She Woke Up in Water' is my favorite song to play. The entire bass line is just me tweaking one note which means i can focus all my energy on head banging and not fainting which is way more fun than some of the other stuff that requires at least a little bit of concentration. Another reason I find it redeeming is because it makes techno purists uncomfortable. They're always standing to the side sneering at our gear sorta LOLing to themselves and then this track starts and a buncha cyber freaks jump around and mosh and step on their feet and they scamper towards the exits."

Michael Sherburn: "I was tripping on mushrooms and split my head open while headbanging during this track. Then had to play the rest of our 40 min set with blood pouring down my face."

Greem Jellyfish: "Stepping my foot on the stage felt like I was landing on chaotic outer space planet with the spaceship team, Mike, John. The stage floor was full of galactic dust on the surface. I sang the moment of the verge of explosiveness. It was a group experience to physically smashing one body to another, feeling the abundant despair and pleasure on the galactic dust planet."

Watch the video above, and be sure to snag Agony Planet when it's out January 22.

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