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​Listen to "BLK" by Sol Aire, Brooklyn's Deep House Savant

Smooth buttery grooves courtesy of Bushwick label Purple Trax.

Something strange and special is happening in the Brooklyn underground, and Purple Trax is partially to blame. The label launched earlier this year with the compilation Purple Trax Vol. 1, which highlighted the experimental scene that's developed around local institutions like Bossa Nova Civic Club. It's managed by the scene's photographer Erez Avissar, who also runs the exquisite Weird Magic blog and organizes events around town.


Next week they'll return with Mood II, a five-tracker of silky smooth deep house from local cat Sol Aire. We've got a stream of the lead single, "BLK," the EP's hardest-hitting dance floor excursion, which balances out some its more synth-driven cosmic tendencies. "This project sat on my desktop as a solitary Earth-shattering kick drum for a little over a year," Sol Aire told THUMP. "I stubbornly persisted in molding it about with little success. Unexpectedly, after eating black sesame mochi with my brother this 4 AM sweaty techno banger finally rose from the ashes." You never know when inspiration will strike.

Listen to "BLK" below.

Sol Aire will be joined by Michael Magnan, Dev Gupta, Deanna Viva Garcia and more for his release party at Bossa Nova Civic Club in Brooklyn on Sunday, December 20th.