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MIXED BY Groove Armada

We got some legends in the house.

What would dance music be without Groove Armada? The London duo of Andy Cato and Tom Findlay have given us some of the most classic rave anthems in history, from the deliciously cheesy "I See You Baby," to the slow-burning ragga anthem "Superstylin," helping to usher in a new wave of electronic music in the mid-90s. Since those days, the boys haven't yet pumped the breaks and continue to release tunes and play sets that capture our hearts and souls, with a new EP that we had on repeat in the office for longer than we care to admit.


Through constant promises of personal servitude we managed to lock down the iconic pair to put down a stunning mix for our series. Dubbed their 'Real House' mix, they takes us on a seamless journey through some of their favorite cuts, including a couple dashes of their newer material. The word "legends" might often often be overused in this industry, but for Groove Armada, we'll shout it out at the top of our lungs time and time again.

Damiano von Eckhart - House 'em
Thyladomid - The Real Thing (Stimming Remix)
MCDE - Raw Cuts (Recloose Remix)
Laura Jones - Imagination Unreal (Paul du Lac Mix)
Digitaria - Favourite Addiction (Groove Armada Remix)
Mr. G - Daily Prayer
The Rapture - Come Back To Me (Greymatter Wolfe Remix)
Groove Armada - Fall Silent

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