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Introducing LA's Swerve Squad: AWE, Yung Orca, Lord Olaf, RCR, Murphy

We've got the stream of their debut "Squad Up" comp.
February 27, 2015, 7:10pm

"To Protect and Swerve" is the motto of the precocious Swerve Squad. The LA-based, loosely affiliated team of the already well-established AWE, Yung Orca, Lord Olaf, RCR (Rainoh Cee Ross) and Murphy have known each other for a hot minute of their short lives, but the squad is a new development and they've come outta the gate swingin'.

Olaf explains where the notion for a team came from: "One fateful night in 2012, we were all asked to play at this house party in hollywood. We sipped on some absinthe in a treehouse together and debated LA beat scene vs EDM. The party got shut down by someones mom after an hour, so the five of us ended up at the Bourgeoise Pig. Our creez clicked and later that year RCR hit up AWE, Yung Orca & myself with the idea for Swerve Squad."

Swerve's Squad Up comp, of which we've got he premiere, ranges from Orca's sleek house, through Murphy and AWE's hip-hop inspired, bossy-ominous beats, to RCR's hyper-paced footwork and Olaf's PC-step. That's a whole lot of talent for one squad.

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