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Remember When Shakira Covered "Islands" by The xx?

Little do you know but the Colombian superstar has had a longtime passion for interesting song covers.
Photo from YouTube.

Ever since a 15-year-old kid from Iowa joined the the 2016 presidential race under the name 'Deez Nuts,' it isn't hard to see why the people of Earth have kind of learned to accept any old batshit crazy thing that happens around here. From Shia LaBeouf watching every single one of his films in succession in a cinema full of strangers, to Victoria Beckham's secret hip hop album that was leaked last week, or Ted Cruz being the Zodiac Killer, it's a strange time to be alive.


Maybe we've become numb to the absurdity and have been stunned to the point of being stupefied. Maybe this is why nobody seemed to blink an eye when Colombian superstar Shakira covered indie band The xx's "Islands" on her ninth studio album Sale El Sol in 2010.

Sure, it's not 'Deez Nuts' weird, but it's still fucking strange enough to warrant at least one article out there on the internet about it. So here it is: Listen to Shakira's practically-karaoke version of "Islands," originally by The xx, below.

I also included some more of her interesting covers as a special bonus below.

And now watch her perform it at Glastonbury, where we learn that The xx are actually one of Shakira's favorite bands.

And now watch her cover ACDC's "Back In Black" in some kind of weird burlesque-type situation. You do not know Shakira like you think you did.

You've also gotta watch her perform "Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith at the VH1 awards.

And and now watch her strangely moving rendition of Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters." Because what the hell is life? Idk.

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