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Chaos in the CBD Have Cooked up a 'Subteranean Storm' on Their New EP for Mule Music

And we've got the premier of the fantastic "Garden of Terrors" right here.
This article appeared originally on THUMP UK (duh—see below).

Here's the definitive things of the three things we like most here at THUMP UK:

1. Lager

2. Chips

3. Chaos in the CBD.

Yep, the deadly New Zealand duo—comprised of Peckham based brothers Ben and Louis Helliker-Hales—really are up there with McCain's finest and a pint of Stella. Why do we like them so much? Well, they have an almost telepathic ability to play and make the kind of house that we love, and sometimes it's as simple as that.

Our day, our week, our month, was made recently when the lads let us know that they were set to release a second EP on fantastic Japanese label Mule Musiq. Things got even better when they asked if we wanted to premier a track from Subterranean Storm. Like giddy schoolboys we squealed "YES PLEASE THAT'D BE AMAZING THANK YOU, NO HONESTLY, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR LETTING US BRING SOME JOY INTO THE WORLD VIA YOUR MUSIC!" They (virtually) politely nodded. And here we are, serving you up another slice of the gorgeously sprawling and spacious "Garden of Terrors"—an eight minute waltz through some seriously smoked out terrain. If you like your deep house to stink like a week in the lushest rainforest imaginable, you're in luck.

Check it out below, and then rewatch the boys' absurdly brilliant Boiler Room set right here.

Subterranean Storm is out on Friday October 28th on Mule Musiq.