White Isle Journals: Solomun's Ibiza Season Finally Comes to an End


This story is over 5 years old.

White Isle Journals: Solomun's Ibiza Season Finally Comes to an End

One of the world's finest DJs calls it a night on the endless Summer of 2015.


Ladies and gentlemen, it's been quite a while since I wrote you something about my amazing Ibiza summer, but honestly, I was kind of expecting this to be the case. The last weeks of a season are always the most intense ones. That's why I didn't manage to write before today.

Now, I am sitting on the balcony of my beautiful room in a wellness center in Alicante, to relax and detox a little bit after the long season. Sitting in the middle of the silence here, what just happened seems even more strange.


I'll begin: We had the last party at Destino with thousands of enthusiastic people, and I had the honor of winning the DJ Awards for best Deep House DJ, once again after 2013.

During this week, I was not feeling good at all. My manager Daniel had to pick up the award for me. You can only see his hand on the left hand side of the stage with the green item on the group photo. I don't know why he was hiding behind the other award winners, I will have to ask him one day!

Then I played one Monday at DC10 for Circoloco. It was also an interesting Ibiza experience to play in this infamous club. Our last parties at Pacha, though, they were all amazing. I had outstanding guests like Mano le Tough, Pachanga Boys, Ame's Kristian once more, of course the Paba Sven Väth himself. None of them disappointed, and most of them carried on to after-parties with me.

Our Closing at Pacha on October 11th was the very last party of the Ibiza season. Since we added one more week to our calendar, we had all the attention of the Ibizencos and so the club was ridiculously rammed.

I played all night long in front of around 5,000 screaming people, who all wanted to attend our villa afterparty. Much like the Pacha gig, this was supposed to be the last villa party of the summer. For this last, last, last dance, we organized a beautiful villa with a stunning view over the sea. We were dancing until Tuesday morning! A great way to finish this season.


This time, I don't have my guest of the week who I can introduce to you. By now, you have met most of the island! But find here the last track of the summer, that I want to recommend you guys.

Thanks for reading my little column over the summer, it was big fun for me to share my season highlights with you, I hope you also enjoyed it – and see you again next year on the white Island.

All the best and take care,
Mladen Solomun