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Claptone Brings His Golden Mask to Life with IMMORTAL Live Show

Get ready for the deep-house experience of the year.
February 12, 2015, 9:00pm

Behind a golden shield of mystery, Claptone has excelled ahead of the ranks of deep-house artists with a style and mystique that is entirely his own. After the success of a number of charting club anthems ("No Eyes" and "Good To You" spring to mind) and a relentless, global touring schedule, the German visionary is now ready for something different: a brand new, live audio-visual show called IMMORTAL.

Born from a year-old idea, Claptone's new show will see him joining forces with famed creative director Peter Martin. Peter, an Oscar-nominated visual authority behind the world's first holographic duet and a virtual fashion show for Alexander McQueen, has been working with Claptone to create a concept that will strive to draw emotion from its audience. A tantalizing blend of sound and seamless coupling of immersive visuals are to be expected—something tells us there will be lots of masks too.

IMMORTAL will be split into three chapters: The Past, The Present, and The Future; each section presenting its own visual language. In true Claptone form, many details of the event are still shrouded in mystery. What we can tell you is that IMMORTAL will spring up at large-scale events around the world later this year, and that will be unveiled in tandem with the release of Claptone's forthcoming LP; an album which promises collaborations with some of the industry's most exciting vocalists from across the musical hemisphere.

Claptone's first confirmed live show will be at PIAS NITES on April 4th at the Palais 12 in Brussels, Belgium.

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