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The Creators Project NYC Recording Session EP Release

Watch what happens when three musicians from different musical backgrounds and different corners of the world collaborate on an EP.
February 18, 2011, 3:10pm

We often write about how technology is giving artists new tools for creation and collaboration, but what does all that potential really mean when put into practice? We decided to find out what happens when you assemble a couple of musicians via the internet, put them in a recording studio together, and let their imaginations run wild.

It all started this November with a call for submissions to our recording session contest. We received an overwhelming response—musicians from every corner of the continental US, Brazil, and UK sent us their tracks. We were blown away by the talent and creativity we encountered but had to narrow it down to only six finalists (two from each region). Then we let the online community vote to select their favorites.

The three winners— Aaron Horn (UK), Eugene Derek Hong (US) and Rossano Snel (BR)—received an all expenses paid trip to NYC where we set them up in a recording studio for five days with producer Mike Beck. Although the guys had never met before and had distinctly different musical styles, we challenged them to collaborate and create an EP together. And we don’t think anyone was prepared for the amount of sincerity and dedication they would approach that task with.

Aaron’s submitted track:

Eugene’s submitted track:

Rossano’s submitted track:

Over the course of the week they spent together, Aaron, Eugene, and Rossano produced four tracks under the guidance of Mike Beck. More importantly though, they developed an incredible bond that came about through the experience of learning from one another and attempting to genuinely blend their unique talents and styles to create an altogether new sound. It was an incredible process to watch, one that we chronicled in a series of blog posts and interviews conducted with the musicians, as well as in the mini documentary above.


We’re proud to bring you their efforts—4 tracks that represent this unique multi-cultural merger that was formed, quite accidentally, with the help of the internet and The Creators Project. You can listen to the full EP below or download it here.


In order to bring the project full circle, there’s one more step in making this creative cycle complete. We want to see what you can do with the music these three musicians created. We’ve assembled the raw audio stems that make up these tracks and have made them available for download here. Download the zip, drop it into your favorite audio mixing program or any one of these free alternatives and get inventive with it. Send us your remixes to by Friday, 3/18 and we’ll highlight the best ones on this blog, and maybe even send some fun Creators Project swag your way.

Find out more about the three winners here and about producer Mike Beck here.

Photographs courtesy of Christophe Wu.