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A Bloodthirsty Teddy Bear Goes Ape In Amon Tobin's New Two Fingers Video

You’ll never look at a teddy bear the same way again after “Vengeance Rhythm.”

Amon Tobin is no novice when it comes to creating disturbing works of art. For his album ISAM, released last year, Tobin teamed up with artist Tessa Farmer, who visualized Tobin’s songs using dead birds and insects, a taxidermied fox and a mummified cat. The result is rather eery.

But for his latest video Vengeance Rhythm, made under his alias Two Fingers, Tobin decided to up the ante. The video makes decomposing animals look cute. Which is odd, because most of the characters in Vengeance Rhythm are teddy bears.


Still from “Vengeance Rhythm”

The video fades in ominously. Slow motion shots of a child’s bedroom are paired with the song’s building bass line. It is hard to tell what exactly is about to happen, but for the stuffed animals we see strewn across the bedroom, things don’t seem so good. And then one of the teddy bears gets stabbed in the head by a pair of scissors. Blood gushes from the toy’s face. For the next two and a half minutes, dozens of stuffed animals and dolls are brutally attacked by the ruthless teddy bear behind all of the bloodshed. Why is this teddy bear so mad? As the title suggests, he is killing the name of retribution. Maybe the bear was picked on as a child by all of the other toys?

The kid at the end of the video was definitely picked on as a child. Why else would he imagine all of this killing? As stated, this video just might make you a little bit uncomfortable.

Still from “Vengeance Rhythm”

Still from “Vengeance Rhythm”

Fortunately, after I watched it, Youtube suggested that I watch this Crowded House guitar lesson, which really took the edge off. Or you could watch our original profile on Tobin and the ISAM live experience below.