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Creators Remix Roundup: Tinchy Stryder, Jamie xx, And Robyn

Grime goes pop, Jamie xx meets BBC Life, and Robyn gets a Skrillix makeover. Plus new videos from Santigold and Florence + the Machine.

Our Creators are a talented and prolific bunch, and our inbox is always overflowing with alerts of new remixes and mashups from the incredible DJs and producers in our line-up. We just couldn't keep these fresh new tunes to ourselves because, after all, filesharing is caring. Here are our top picks from the past week.

Tinchy Stryder feat. Pixie Lott: “Bright Lights”

What starts out as a kind of typical pop anthem gets a little grittier around the edges when our favorite star in the hood, Tinchy Stryder, chimes in. As the song title predicts, the two musicians sing about how to deal with fame, fans, and driving nice cars while trying to stay relevant in the public eye. What this song does seem to prove is that Tinchy might be at his best when collaborating with young, attractive pop stars—the perfect match of sweet and salt. There’s also a dubstep remix out there, but it’s skimpy on the Tinchy.


Sail Fish vs. Nosaj Thing vs. Jamie xx vs. Sufjan Stevens

This is one of the more creative and curious mashups we’ve seen in a while. Vimeo user Tobi Totschlaag took Jamie xx‘s remix of Korean electronic musician Nosaj Thing’s “Fog,” and set it to BBC Life footage of sharks and schools of fish flowing and flipping fins to the beat, capturing the fast-paced anxiety of trying not become someone’s lunch. Then all the sudden we’re above the water watching fish swimming in slow motion—gracefully as ballerinas—set to Sufjan Stevens’ “Movement I – In the Countenance of Kings.” This is the only way we want to listen to electronic music from now on.

Robyn: “Dancing on My Own” (Skrillex remix)

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And just in case you haven’t had your weekly dose of dubstep, we bring you the genre’s current poster boy, Skrillex, grinding down on Robyn‘s “Dancing On My Own.” He puts an effect on Robyn’s voice that makes her sound slightly like Alvin (the chipmunk)’s sassy older sister, and snakes the song through a harsh bass treatment that we would only expect to find in some illegal underground club somewhere in Dalston.



Santigold’s “Big Mouth,” produced by Switch.

Florence + the Machine’s “Lover to Lover”