'Doom' Combined With 'SUPERHOT' Is the Ultimate Shooter

Something great will happen when 'Doom' crashes into 'SUPERHOT'
January 30, 2017, 4:36pm

Doom II, a good game about shooting big honkin' demons, was released in 1994 and has remained relevant to this day thanks to video game modders who keep creating new content and tinkering with it in interesting ways. SUPERHOT, a high-concept shooter where time only moves when the player moves, was released in 2016, and was one of our favorite games that year. Is it possible, dear reader, that these two good things could be combined, using technology, into a singular good thing? One modder is out there trying to find out, splicing Doom II and SUPERHOT into… TwoHot!

I mean SuperDoom!


"The goal of the project is to fuse Doom and SUPERHOT," says modder LudasRedard bluntly enough in a proposal video.

In the mod's demonstration, LudusRedard shows what he's done so far. The aesthetic alterations are clear. The Imps' sprites remain the same but their surroundings resemble SUPERHOT's endless white gallery spaces. More impressively, bullets can now be seen when fired, and while the time manipulation as it exists in SUPERHOT has yet to be implemented, for demonstration purposes the modder can freeze time to show those red piping hot bullets linger in the air. According to the mod's to-do list, LudusRedard would also like to create the ability to throw weapons at enemies, one of the maneuvers SUPERHOT has to get out of its many tight binds.

"I'd also like to add that even if the mod becomes abandoned or is unfeasible, I will still release what assets I do make prior to the abandonment regardless," said LudusRedard.

A Brutal Doom compatibility patch also appears to be on the table.

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