A Year of Lil Wayne: A Tribute to Lil Wayne's Love of Evisu Jeans

"You say it's clever / I call it whatever."
January 28, 2017, 8:17pm

Day 130: "I Call It Whateva" – Young Money the Mixtape Vol. 1, 2005

One of the best running trends of Lil Wayne's boasts in the mid-2000s is that he constantly references his love of Evisu jeans, a brand that, quite frankly, doesn't get much shine these days. He talks about them in "Lock and Load," "Hustler Muzik," several mixtape tracks I can't recall or google effectively, and this song, "I Call It Whateva," where he boasts, "look, check him out! / these is Evisus / America ain't even let them out."

I never really noticed these constant references to Evisu until I started doing these blog posts, probably in part because I had no idea what Evisu was until years after Lil Wayne was done with that phase. A fashion-y friend of mine explained that the brand had begun as a knockoff Levis brand, Evis, but had been forced to change the name. As far as I can tell, this is just an urban legend, although Evisu was sued by Levis in 2010 for an "homage" design that hewed too closely to its inspiration.

Anyway, "I Call It Whateva" is a dope song from Young Money the Mixtape Vol. 1, and its appeal goes beyond a designer jeans reference. There's also a good opening line where Wayne raps, "I could pedal backwards and still move forward." A few bars later he says, "I could fuck an actress and never been in movies / shhh yeah I'm a cutie, an offspring of mama's beauty / I did overtime I took papa's duty," which I love because who could possibly be mad at a rapper calling himself a cutie? But that's just another day for Wayne. To sum it up, I'll repeat Wayne's final line:  "you say it's clever / I call it whatever."