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Let This Iron Reagan Song Fuel Your Pre-Inauguration Rage

The heavyhitters have teamed up with New Noise Magazine to give us this crushing single and you will like it, dammit.

Welp. Tomorrow is D-Day. It's happening. Donald "Pissboy" Trump is taking the oath of office. Hopefully you're preparing to head out to a protest march near you. Iron Reagan and the good folks at New Noise Magazine have cooked up a little something to fuel that fire. The band graces the cover of the mag's latest issue in the form of a gnarly illustration (done by artist Matt Stikker) of Trump's decapitated head in the talons of liberty:


As part of the New Noise flexi series, the issue also includes a copy of their song, "Take the Fall," which you can stream below. We'd recommend picking up the issue, which you can also purchase with a hyyuuge (sorry) screenprinted poster right here. Proceeds go to the Southern Poverty Law Center and you can sleep well at night knowing that Trump would probably hate this fucking artwork if he ever saw it. (Side note: Can someone tweet it to him? He has most of the Noisey staff blocked.)

Iron Reagan's new album, Crossover Ministry, will be out on February 3 via Relapse.