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The Best Gifts for a Cool Person You Just Started Dating

Give them effortlessly sick AeroPress coffee makers, couple’s sex toys, and Aesop goodies that say, “If you think I tried, no I didn’t.”
October 13, 2021, 9:30pm
best effortlessly cool gifts for the person you just started seeing
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What should you gift someone who has only just become an actual someone to you? Meaning, a few months ago, they were just a contact in your phone with a name like “Sweatpants Brian” or “Jaeger Sally Wed Night.” Now, those cryptic contacts have started to earn a real place in your heart, as well as in waking daylight, and y’all might be revving to exchange gifts this holiday season—which is both cute, and stressful. 

What are the best gifts for a new partner, lover, or situationship? The key is to find them something that slaps, but doesn’t feel like they’re getting love-bombed; if your mans is gifting you an original LOTR prop on the fifth date, run. No, you should be giving them something affordable, thoughtful, and perhaps a bit cheeky. Find a present that you can carry to the bar, or could also work for at least two other people you’ve slept with, which might sound toxic, but welcome to dating in 2021. Wicked games, jabroni. 

Remember, socks are a forever safe zone that deliciously walk the line between “I love you” and “Who are you?” while a strategically picked, West Coast-scented candle can indicate that you might actually make it to Big Sur together soon. Shower them with delicious ice cream, Carhartt beanies, couple’s sex toys, and other treats that say, “I like you. Today.”

Coffee is a safe zone

Can’t explain it, but it’s true: Hot people have insomnia, shredded nail beds, and lots of stomach problems from a life of slammin’ beans down their thrussy. We have an entire guide of gifts for a coffee-obsessed significant other, because we also live in Brooklyn/Los Feliz, but the Aeropress is definitely one of the cooler brewers in the mix. 


AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Yours is a dArk fAirYtale

​“The tale of two outcasts and star-crossed lovers caught in the throes of a torrid, solar flare of a romance featuring: feverish obsession, guns, addiction, shamans, lots of blood”—you get the idea. If your boo and you are steeping in dramatic feels à la MGK and Megan Fox, one of you deserves a Leatherman blade.  


Skeletool KB

Sock it to them

Will their penis end up in this sweet pair of graphic socks? Their hands? Their feet? Who knows, as you’ve only been dating for a few weeks. Love this game.  

Perks and Mini

Solar Socks

A Cameo from their fave weirdo celeb

Is your crush really into horrorcore rap, 90s romcoms, terrible reality television? There's truly something for everyone on Cameo, the platform that allows you to send personal greetings from miscellaneous celebs (and pseudo-celebs) to all the loved ones in your life. Grab a video from Mark McGrath, Nancy Kerrigan, Kato Kaelin, Wayne's World's Tia Carrere, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, GWAR's SawBorg Destructo, Kid N Play, groupie legend Pamela Des Barres, or a wide variety of 90 Day Fiancé stars, all for under a hundred bucks.

A candle that smells like a romantic vacation you miiiiiight someday take 

Yo, it is wayyy too early to be planning a coastal getaway with this Hinge cutie—but, maybe you want to drop a hint that that's something you'd consider in, you know, a while, if things go well. But mainly, we could all use a delightful scented candle to make our homes smell less grody. D.S. & Durga's Big Sur After Rain candle is a modern classic.


Big Sur After Rain Candle

They’re your beanie baby 

If your dates are mostly drinking Modelo at the skate park and copping their rolling papers, a fresh Carhartt beanie is perfect. Also, you can just steal it back when you break-up.


Knit Insulated Logo Graphic Cuffed Beanie

A smorgasbord of ridiculously good ice cream

Salt & Straw make some of the craziest, creamiest ice creams we've ever had—which is why all their scoop shops have stupid-long lines day and night. But now, you can pick a pack of pints online and have it shipped directly to your abode, so an evening of tasting flavors like Panther Coffee Chocolate Tres Leches and Mushroom Muddy Buddies awaits. 

Salt & Straw

Selection of 5 Pints

A tie-dye kit for making any and all of their clothes vibey

This is fun, because it’s both a cute-as hell-bonding activity for you and your sweetie, as well as a way of giving all of their crusty sweatpants a second life. 


One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

Aesop soap

Because you're not ready to treat them to a spa day, but you can at least make their bathroom sink feel a little more luxurious. There’s a reason Aesop soap peoples every celebrity home, and the reason is that it actually makes you leave a slug trail of crypto and gold bullion in your wake. Rich people scents, baybee. 


Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash

A really good cassette 

An LP is too big, too drama, just too much square footage to pull out of a bag at the bar. The right vintage cassette, however, is compact and damn cool; make their heart go pitter-patter with some Nelly Furtado, or let DMX do the talking for you with his second album, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood. 

Nelly Furtado

Woah, Nelly


Flesh of My Blood, Blood of My Blood

A couple’s sex toy 

Because maybe you just started dating, but you met them months ago on a smash-n-dash dating app. A couple’s sex toy is a gift for them, and a gift for you; if you’re into prostate play, try a remote-controlled vibe by LELO, lords of the luxury sex toy realm, or the portable (and less visually imposing) vulva vibrator, which you can waer during sex, by Dame. 


Hugo Remote-Controlled Male Prostate Massager


Eva Hands-Free Vibrator

Happy cuffing-ish season. 

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