A Hopeful Future Where Drones Become Farmers

Listen to ‘Drones to Ploughshares,’ another story from Motherboard’s first ever short story collection.
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Drone. The word has come to mean so many things. An eye in the sky. A hobbyist flying toy. A dangerous voyeur. A weapon of war. An enforcer. A worker. But a worker that’s maybe not as soulless as the name implies. As AI gets more sophisticated and the subroutines become rote… might it be possible to convert the electronic oppressor?

Today on Cyber, we’ve got something special. Motherboard has published a book! It’s called Terraform and it’s out now. It’s a collection of short stories about the near future and the dystopian present. With me today on the show are the book’s editors, Claire L. Evans and Brian Merchant as well as special guest Sarah Gailey. They’re the author of the new novel Just Like Home and the Terraform story “Drones to Ploughshares.”


Terraform’s stories are all about possible futures. “Drones to Ploughshares” is a window into one of those worlds.’

Terraform is out now! Buy it here.

Stories discussed in this episode: 

Drones to Ploughshares

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