We Dug Out the Best Sex Playlists So You Don’t Have To

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I don’t ask for much when it comes to sex. Maybe a sturdy bed with enough pillows, some air-conditioning, candlelight perhaps, and good background music to vibe with. Okay, maybe I do ask for a little too much. 

But you’d be surprised how unprepared some people can be when it comes to making love. I have had sex to primetime news coverage and I now know that making love to a screaming host is not as arousing. So, in my quest to make sex more bearable, I started asking my friends if they had any babymaking music. Turns out, my friend Jaanam had just curated a list of songs and called it just that: Baby Making Jams. It’s weird when you thank your friend for making boinking a great experience, and they are equally ecstatic about it. That’s when I realised music can be a good lubricant too (for your ears, of course). 


So, I want to do for the rest of you what my friend did for me, and make sure we all have good music handy. You might just nut to a great track, and that gets embedded in your memory forever. For me, it’s Cher’s “Believe.” My quest for the ultimate sex playlists also depends sadly on the music apps I actually have subscribed to. But yeah, if you’re planning on fucking, make sure you have a subscription or an ad blocker at least. Nobody likes ads to interfere with the rhythm. 

“Hey, You Still Up?” on Apple Music

This is a fine collection that features some of the best R’n’B artists like Drake and H.E.R. (yeah, the one from the meme). It works not only when flirting with someone or when trying to move things to the bedroom, but is also a great foreplay-list. Get it? Just keep it in until you reach the next one. 

“songs i’d fuck you to” on YouTube Music

This playlist is what the kids would call “booty slapping”. The fact that the playlist title is not even punctuated means that a Gen Z made it, and they are the only ones we can trust with having their priorities straight right now. If you’re looking to have a good mellow time but also like to throw in some good thrusts in there, then this 40-song playlist has some greats like “Skin” by Rihanna and “Dusk Till Dawn” by ZAYN.


“The Ultimate Sex Playlist” on Apple Music

It honestly delivers on the title. If you’re in for a marathon of a sex sesh, then this list is great to keep you going. Featuring artists like Beyoncé, Megan Thee Stallion, and Faith Evans, this list has a great ebb and flow to it, and the person who made it definitely knows their shit.

“Psychedelic Sex” on YouTube Music 

If you’re not the mellow fucking kind, and if you enjoy more deep house and psychedelic trance music to get off, then this nine-plus hours of music is a treasure cove. It features my favourites like MGMT, Tame Impala, Crumb, and Travis Scott. If you are into the kind of sex Neo and Trinity had in Matrix Reloaded, this is where your background score lies.

“Desert Psychedelia” on Spotify

Listening to this playlist is akin to lying on a blanket on a starry night under the stars, having obviously altered your mind in some capacity, and finding the intimacy with the person next to you suddenly heightened. Featuring artists like Beach House, Mac DeMarco, and Tennis Courts, this playlist makes sure that when you come, you'll feel the entire universe come in unison with you. 

“Bollywood Sex Playlist” on Spotify

I am no prude and I will agree that a lot of my adolescent years of masturbation involved listening to Kunal Ganjawala’s soothing voice as he sang “Bheegey Hont Tere.” And that has carried onto my adult life as well, but now some tracks just hit different, and make lovemaking all the more fun. It features modern-day love tracks like "Zara Sa" by Pritam, while also keeping the early 2000s fervour with "Woh Pehli Baar" and "Zara Zara." Bollywood songs have this unique characteristic where it’s more sensual and not visceral. So if you’re spending a lot of time under covers post coitus and just cuddling, this list will keep that after sex conversation going. If music is a universal language, then it definitely also translates to sex.

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