Turf Your Old Mattress for Something Less Dank During Koala’s Birthday Sale

Get up to 30% storewide for the next week and replace that piss-stained relic you call a mattress.
Turf Your Old Mattress for Something Less Dank During Koala’s Birthday Sale

If your current mattress is getting saggy and uncomfortable to sleep on, then it might be time you bought yourself a new one. For its seventh birthday, Koala is offering up to 30% off storewide.

Koala’s birthday sale is running from now until 25 September and includes its award-winning mattress, along with bedding, sofas and home office gear.

Ideally, a good mattress should last you an average of eight years – 10 at the higher end of the spectrum if it’s a good quality one. If you’ve been finding yourself tossing and turning in your sleep way more than often, or waking up with the feeling that someone has kicked you square in the back, then it’s probably time you ditched your current bedding.


Think about it, if your mattress is at least eight years old, that means you bought it at a time when some of the most popular songs in the country were Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” and Sheppard’s “Geronimo”. If this is the first time you’ve thought about any of those songs in years, then it might be time to chuck your current mattress and get something that doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on a pile of rocks.

koala calm as mattress.jpeg

Koala Calm As Mattress – now 20% off

The big ticket items from Koala’s birthday sale are its mattresses, which you can nab for up to 20% off. Depending on which size you nab you can save up to $259.80 off the best-selling Koala Mattress, up to $399.80 off the Calm as Mattress or up to $449.85 off the Soul Mate Mattress.

The Koala Mattress offers comfy three-zone support and uses the brand’s “Zero Disturbance Tech”, so you’ll sink into it quite nicely and – if you’re not the only one sleeping in it – won’t bounce your bedmate when you get back from a 3am piss. If you’re someone who craves a little prestige with their bedding, this mattress was also the winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for Mattresses in both 2019 and 2021.


These mattresses all come rolled up in a portable box. When your mattress arrives, all you need to do is cut the plastic wrapping and the mattress will flop out to full size. Koala also offers a 120-night trial, so if you aren’t happy with your new bed, you can ship it back to Koala for a full refund. Depending on where you live, that shipping is free.

You can also save up to 30% off bed bases, so you can replace those “reclaimed” shipping palettes that are an aesthetic OH&S hazard or, god forbid, move your mattress from off the floor.

koala Balmain Bed Base  .jpeg

Balmain Bed Base – now 20% off

Outside of the bedroom, you can also nab some decent discounts off Koala’s homewares and living range, including up to 25% off homewares, up to 20% off home office gear and up to 30% off pillows and linen. The former includes the recently released range of designer cushions and rugs that have been inspired by the Australian landscape. (This is also a reminder that you need to change your sheets).

koala homewares pillows.jpeg

Koala Daydreamer and Beach Bum cushions – 25% off each

Koala is also offering up to 20% off its sofas and sofa beds, so you can also toss that old couch you inherited three share houses ago. Y’know, the one with stains that have formed their own micro-ecosystem and ass-grooves that look like the Wolfe Creek crater.

You can check out all of the deals on offer during Koala’s birthday sale and rest easy here. Just don’t sleep on it, because the sale ends on 25 September.