Your 4/20 Plans Should Include Weedmaps X VICE TV's Newest Bud-Centric Docuseries

Get stoked for the "Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike" premiere.
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Courtesy of Tumbleweeds

Back in the early aughts, when in need of weed, you probably met your dealer under the cover of darkness in some defunct Blockbuster parking lot. Maybe you paid a friend’s older brother to do your drug purchasing for you. No matter your methods, it was likely a whole thing

These days, however, the weed market is hardly a covert — or even inconvenient — operation. You’ve got “budtenders” at your disposal, full-on magazines committed to keeping you updated on all things weed, at-home delivery apps, and best of all, services like Weedmaps (essentially, an Internet mecca for cannabis consumers) at your fingertips. The digital platform provides users with local cannabis retail and delivery listings, deals, reviews of various weed strains, info about cannabis products, and shopping guides. In other words, Weedmaps is making the purchasing — and distributing — of marijuana into…a regular old, stigma-free business. Which is why we’re stoked (get it?) to partner with Weedmaps on VICE TV’s latest docuseries, Tumbleweeds with Killer Mike

The show — which broadcasts from Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and Chicago — explores the evolution and impact of the marijuana industry in each city. Every episode, hosted by rapper and cannabis advocate Killer Mike, takes viewers into local dispensaries and marijuana hubs where experts and local celebrities (think: Jocelyn Chia and Fab 5 Freddy) discuss the importance of de-stigmatizing marijuana. 

Tune in to the show’s premiere episode on 4/20 (obviously) on VICE TV for more info on weed stats, the industry's social justice impact, and the future of cannabis in our cities. Then, perhaps consult Weedmaps for the lowdown on your own local dispensaries.