Wife Who Chopped Off Husband’s Genitals Says She Recorded Him Abusing Daughter

She caught him in the act after installing a hidden camera. Now doctors are saying the injuries are so severe that his penis can’t be reattached.
Koh Ewe
woman chopped off husband's penis
Medical workers set up beds inside a hospital for Covid-19 patients in Hanoi. Photo: Nhac NGUYEN / AFP

A woman took a knife to her husband’s genitals, entirely severing his penis and testicles, as she claimed to have caught him on camera sexually abusing her 15-year-old daughter.

Shortly after the act around midnight on Sunday, the 36-year-old woman, identified in local media as Ha Thi N., threw her husband’s severed genitals away and turned herself in to the police in Son La province, northwest Vietnam, local media reported. 


Her husband, a 29-year-old man identified as Nguyen Van H., was brought to Son La General Hospital at 5.30AM on Sunday for emergency treatment, with his blood pressure falling rapidly and a large open wound at his crotch.

He is now in stable condition, but his injuries are complicated, doctors said in a post published on the hospital’s Facebook page. His penis was completely lopped off close to the base, along with both testicles. With the severity of the injuries, and with the severed parts still missing, doctors say reattachment will not be possible.

While local authorities said that the couple had a history of marital conflicts and on the morning of the grisly offense “fell again into disagreement,” other sources revealed that this was no simple lovers’ tiff. According to Ha Thi N.’s lawyer, she had recorded her husband sexually abusing his stepdaughter, her daughter from a previous marriage.

Ha Thi N. also claimed that her husband has been sexually abusing the teenager since 2020, and that her daughter had told her about the abuse multiple times. However, he had continuously denied the allegations, ultimately prompting her to install hidden cameras in the house to catch him red-handed. 

The exact charges facing Ha Thi N. and her husband remain uncertain. Her daughter has undergone forensic examination, said Ha Thi N.’s lawyer, adding that the husband would face criminal prosecution if he’s proven to have sexually abused the girl. Local media reported on Monday that investigators were interrogating the wife as they searched for her husbands’ severed genitals.

Last year, a 40-year-old man in Vietnam had his severed penis successfully reattached after it was cut off with scissors by his wife while he was sleeping. At that time, a doctor involved in the case told local media that penises being amputated by “jealous wives or girlfriends” were one of the main reasons for penis amputations treated in the hospital.

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