Undercover Cops Sold a Drug Dealer 60 Pounds of Meth and Let Them Get Away

The sheriff’s office in Riverside County, California, admitted that after selling the meth, the dealer just drove away and officers couldn’t catch up.
Nearly 44 pounds (20 kilograms) of methamphetamines seized from an SUV at a highway checkpoint in southeastern San Diego County in 2020. (U.S. Border Patrol via AP)

Cops in Riverside County, California, have admitted they badly botched an undercover operation by selling a suspect a huge quantity of meth and allowing them to escape.  

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Office said in a press release that their undercover narcotics investigators met with a suspect who wanted to buy about 60 pounds of meth last Wednesday as part of an operation “to identify narcotics traffickers.” 


But after the deal was done, police said the suspect simply drove away with the drugs and the cops couldn’t catch them.  

“Deputies from the Gang Task Force attempted a vehicle stop,” the press release said. “The suspect failed to yield, and a pursuit was initiated. Due to the high speeds and suspect’s disregard for public safety, deputies lost sight of the vehicle.” 

Police said no further details would be released, and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office did not respond to VICE News’ request for comment.  

The department also did not say how much the suspect spent on the meth, though the Los Angeles Times reported the amount to be $35,000. A 2019 law enforcement report on meth in Central Valley California said the wholesale cost can be as low as $1,400 a pound. 

In October, the Drug Enforcement Administration announced it had made its largest ever meth seizure in Riverside County, where they found over 3,500 pounds of the drug. 

While the undercover blunder is embarrassing, at least this time the cops involved didn’t accidentally arrest each other. 

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