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Watch This Guy Turn a Pumpkin Into a 5000 Watt Jack-O'-Lantern

Here’s what happens when you stuff a pumpkin with a 5000 watt light bulb.
October 30, 2016, 5:00pm

YouTube user Photonicinduction is getting into the Halloween spirit the best way he knows how: with yet another extreme "don't try this at home" science experiment.

In a recent YouTube video, the electrical engineer attempts to light up a pumpkin using a 5000 watt light bulb.

"We're going to have a little bit of fun with this one," he tells his viewers. "We're gonna cut the bottom off, scoop the guts out, and hopefully make it light up."

After making a small hole in the bottom of the pumpkin and gutting the squash of its seeds, he uses an upside down garden pot as a makeshift stand. Then, he places a small 5000 watt bulb in the drainage hole of the pot and places the hollow pumpkin on top. The final result is a red-hued radiating pumpkin.

The main component behind the incandescent gleam is the 5000 watt light bulb. For some frame of reference, most traditional indoor bulbs are 60 watts making a 5000 watt bulb 80 times brighter than the average source of indoor light.

As for what makes this experiment a "don't try this at home" endeavour—or, at the very least, something to limit to the outdoors—the pumpkin almost immediately starts releasing smoke from the base after the light is turned on. This unintentional side effect, which adds a level of appropriate spookiness, is caused by the heat from the bulb coming in contact with the flesh of the gourd.

Unfortunately, the pumpkin ultimately fizzles out after suffering a technical difficulty where the bulb overheats and melts. The U.K.-based engineer fittingly wraps up his experiment by carving a little face on the pumpkin and setting his test subject, the Jack-o'-lantern, on fire.