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Ski Racing Champion Marcel Hirscher Nearly Smashed by Falling Drone

Drones probably shouldn't be the dangerous thing about downhill ski racing.
December 22, 2015, 11:34pm

We got a brief vision of our dystopian, drone-filled future when a quadcopter nearly took out world champion alpine ski racer Marcel Hirscher during a World Cup race Tuesday night.

Hirscher continued on the slalom run, apparently undaunted by the drone, which was carrying a camera for TV broadcast. He finished and took the lead, shortly before being beat by Henrik Kristoffersen of Norway, but later seemed rattled by the incident.

"This is horrible," he told the Associated Press. "This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury."

As drones have become more and more accessible, everyone from Kanye West to the FAA has expressed concern about regulating them to prevent accidents just like this one. The FAA recently made a move to "encourage responsibility" among drone owners by requiring them to register devices with the government in the US. However, there is no such rule in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy where this incident took place.