Watch Fake Teeth Get Smashed to Bits by the Hydraulic Press

Smile like you machine it.
December 6, 2016, 11:00am

I have a love/hate relationship with my teeth. I love them in in that they allow me to eat delicious food and are still (mostly) in-tact, despite years of consuming sugary sweets and beverages. I hate them in that they are cavity-pocked and root canal-ridden, and their lack of resilience to my sugary sweet-filled lifestyle has resulted in me making innumerable trips to the dentist and spending thousands of dollars on repairs. (I'm trying to eat healthier these days and brush more, I swear!)

So this video on the Hydraulic Press Channel of a hydraulic press smashing dental implants fills me with a strange satisfaction. Marvel as the thickly-accented narrator models the various dental implants he has on display, including a full set of model teeth (uppers and lowers), zirconium false teeth, and another block of ceramic. The model mouth is pulverized instantly, pretty much, being made of something "like clay," as the narrator puts it.

The zirconium false tooth explodes into a million (estimated) tiny shards, leaving almost no visible trace behind. A block of ceramic and another tooth are similarly easily destroyed, as is a set of three chompers. Slow motion shots are like a kind of poetry of destruction. Overall, the effect of the video is almost surreal, not unlike the oft-common dream/nightmare of teeth falling out of one's mouth, which many people have experienced. This may be the most symbolic and disturbing Hydraulic Press Video yet.

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