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Rocko's Modern Life Predicted Our Lame Future

Radio Motherboard talks to Rocko's Modern Life creator, Joe Murray, about how he predicted the future.

Rocko's Modern Life has stuck with me for 22 years. Even though it's a cartoon from the 1990s, the show is eerily insightful about the way we interact with technology and the environment. I recently talked to "Rocko" creator Joe Murray about the show and his obsession with the mundane complications presented by modern life, which makes the show feel more prescient than any of its programming peers. He also told me that he's actually put a team together for an hour-long Rocko TV special, which was officially announced by Nickelodeon today, and which does not yet have a set cast or release date.


In the latest episode of Radio Motherboard, we hear from Murray and his upcoming show. I also talk to Sean Yeaton, a friend and young dad, about the show, our relationship with technology, and what it's like to see your kids interact with things we never could have imagined in the Rocko days.

With the announcement of the show at hand, I figured it'd be fun to recount one of the most obvious challenges facing adding a new chapter to a show like "Rocko": What would it actually be like for someone to greet the current modern world after 20 years removed in space?

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