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Trippy Dreamcast Classic 'Rez' Is Coming To Virtual Reality

Fly through space and sound in Rez on PlayStation 4.
Image: Sony.

Now here's a video game that makes sense to bring to virtual reality: Rez, Sega's trippy, electronic music rail shooter that originally came out for the Dreamcast in 2001.

Today, Sony announced at its PlayStation Experience event in San Francisco that Rez is coming to PlayStation VR, the PlayStation 4's virtual reality headset previously known as Project Morpheus.

Sony showed off Rez Infinite, as it's called, by having a player in a bodysuit outfitted with flashing strobe lights demo it on stage. It looks…interesting. Just imagine having a headset strapped to your face for what appears to be a simulated acid trip set to Japanese techno music.

Don't worry, if you don't want buy PlayStation VR just to relive the magic of Rez, the game will be playable without virtual reality as well. Developer Enhance Games is touting the quality of Rez Infinite, saying that on a normal screen, it will run at a resolution of 1080p, 60 frames per second, and 7.1 audio. The virtual reality version is a little more intense, running at 120 frames per second, which will help the game feel smoother, and less nauseating.

The custom Synesthesia Suit Miz was wearing has 26 actuators vibrating along to the game in real-time. :D Enhance GamesDecember 5, 2015

Rez has a long history of weird accessories. A special edition of Rez that was exclusively released in Japan came packed with a vibrator. The vibrator, which connected to the PlayStation 2 via USB, pulsed in temp with Rez's futuristic music. You were supposed to place the device under your feet, in your pocket, or, you know, wherever.

Sony hasn't said if it plans to release a new vibrator along with Rez Infinite, but it's currently demoing the game at the PlayStation Experience with a full body vibrating suit.