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UK Techno Label Perc Trax Now Sells Condoms

You can buy packs of three rubbers from the label's bandcamp.
Photo courtesy of Perc Trax's bandcamp

Condoms are a growing merchandise favorite of the dance community. Remember Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" condom campaign (later debunked as a hoax, but still), or Avicii's pop-up store rubbers? Well now UK underground techno label Perc Trax have begun selling their own Jimmy caps to ensure that those one night stands after a night at the club don't turn into multi-night stands by the baby crib.

As reported by FACT, the home of Truss, Ansome, and Perc have begun selling their own multi-colored, three-pack of lubricated latex condoms manufactured by a company called Rip n Roll, who bill themselves as "America's condom superstore." And like all good American products, these condoms are made overseas.

You can buy Perc Trax's prophylactics from the label's Bandcamp page. If you just want to listen to new music, Ansome just dropped his Perc Trax debut, an experimental glitch gem.